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Processing Deer

Since 1989


1989:  Heyward Risher

Born and raised in Walterboro, South Carolina, Heyward Risher established Risher’s Deer Processing on Yearling Lane in 1989  on the same site it occupies today.


1991:  Ownership and Vacuum Packaging

Gary Malvasio became the owner of Risher’s Deer Processing in 1991 and began expanding the operation. His extensive background in meat cutting and sausage making started in 1972. Gary introduced vacuum packing to the deer processing industry in Low Country in order to ensure exceptional quality and freshness for the customers’ harvests. Heyward and Gary continued working closely together for another three years before Heyward’s retirement.

1993:  Smoked Specialties

20 years ago, Risher’s Deer Processing added two smokers to the plant in order to meet the demand for cured and smoked specialty items.


2004:  Grandson, Jesse Ellis

Jesse Ellis began working at the plant to learn everything about premium deer processing and customer care from his grandfather, Gary Malvasio.


2008:  Ellis & Hiers

In 2008, Jesse married Stacy Hiers whose family has lived in Walterboro for generations. They have two children, Lillian and Chase, who attend elementary school in Walterboro. Stacy’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Hiers, and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Hiers, all live in Walterboro and belong to the Great Swamp Baptist Church.


2015:  New Ownership: Jesse Ellis

Jesse Ellis became the new owner of Risher’s Deer Processing in 2015, ably taking over from his grandfather, Gary Malvasio, who had owned the business for 25 years. During his 10-year apprenticeship, Jesse steadily worked his way up to becoming the new owner and continue the tradition of family ownership and management. He has vowed to maintain the level of quality, careful service, and fine reputation that his grandfather and Heyward Risher upheld since 1989.


In the off-season, Jesse works for H&H Electric and is working towards his electrician certificate at Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College.  His wife, Stacy, is a certified nursing assistant at the Veterans Victory House in Walterboro.




“ No matter if it is our personal deer or one harvested by an out of town guest on our property, every deer goes to Gary and Jesse. It never fails – the person always comments on how great the processing is no matter if it is general or specialty products.

Without a doubt, the BEST in the Low Country. ”



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Owner, Jesse Ellis, with children, Lillian and Chase in Walterboro.



Jesse Ellis Rishers Deer Processing

Jesse  instructing employee, Tabatha.

Gary and Jesse with Linda who’s  been with us for 20 years and is valued for her knowledge of every aspect of deer processing.


Low Country Favorites

Every year, we add new venison products derived from Italian and German  traditions combined with Lowcountry favorites. See our extensive menu and competitive prices. Or download a price list here.





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